Yes.  All home owners in Manzanita Court (also known as Bennett Road Homeowners Association) are required to pay dues annually.  As of 2022, the annual dues are $245/year.  Due and payable by February 28th each year.

No.  It is up to the home owner or their agent (re: Vacasa, etc.) to communicate the HOA rules and regulations regarding their property to any and all short term renters.  Examples:  limit of 2 persons per room, no more than 2 dogs, trailers or campers are not allowed, no street parking, etc.

The definition of an HOA is simple enough: it is an organized group of homeowners within a particular subdivision, condominium, or planned unit development. HOAs typically consist of a board of directors that local homeowners have elected to maintain predetermined rules and regulations. In other words, HOAs are nothing more than elected individuals tasked with maintaining an area’s status quo. HOAs typically add to the value of a neighborhood.

The HOA’s are disclosed prior to purchase and are agreed to through the  property purchase process.

Yes, the Manzanita Court HOA (also known as Bennett Road Homeowners Association) only encompasses the 27 homes built off Bennett Road.  Streets include:  Manzanita Drive, Honeycrisp Lane, Jonagold Lane and Pippin Lane.

General home improvements such as patios and pools are regulated by the setbacks outlined by the county and/or HOA rules.  Check these resources before your project begins.  If you have any doubt about the compliance of your improvement with HOA rules and regulations, please seek assistance from the HOA Board.

Absolutely!  Manzanita Court HOA supports family oriented fun.  Manson Chamber of Commerce is a great resource to check for activities to support the local community and businesses.